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Quick question – when someone says newborn photography, what do you picture?

If you’re like me, I used to think of photos with the baby alone, on a solid background, intricately curled into a cute position, with a bow and maybe a teensy cute teddy bear. These are exactly the kind of photos that I had done when my girls were newborns.

And you know what?

I wish I had done something different.

Don’t get me wrong. I love and treasure those photos of my girls.

But I wish I had invested in photography that was more true-to-life and reflective of what the newborn days were actually like.

Art Imitating Life

Like the majority of my photography inspiration, the thought behind my newborn sessions comes from how I photograph my own family. In twenty years, when my girls are grown, I want to see photos of me loving on them, them happily playing, and to relive that magical connection between parent and child.

My newborn sessions focus on your new addition, in your arms, in your home, with your loved ones around you. I want to photograph your sweet little one in your arms, nuzzled up in their safe place. Their eager, but a bit hesitant, big brother gently kissing baby sister on the head. Those sweet baby fingers curled around your hand.

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the Fagan family’s welcome home session.

What is a Newborn Session Like?

I am intentional and take my time during your session. So many of our lives are busy and rushed. I want you to know, you can slow down and enjoy just being. I’m respectful of your time, but if you need to rock that baby longer than normal, take a break for baby to nurse, or have a bottle, I’m happy to be a sounding board to chat about all the new mama feels or just let you have a moment of quiet.

Generally, I plan for about an hour to an hour and a half for newborn sessions. I don’t need an extended amount of time because I don’t spend a bunch of time trying to settle baby to put them in a pose or an intricate set-up. I focus on photographing organic moments of you, your partner, your new baby, and any siblings.

When I first arrive at your home, I’ll spend a few minutes making sure I find the best naturally lit places in your home. I bring a portable sound machine to help soothe baby, then gently direct your family to capture the best portraits of you loving on your new little one.

When Should We Have a Newborn Session?

I recommend having your newborn session within the first month of your little one’s life, ideally around three weeks old. Many photographers prefer to photograph newborns a bit younger (around 10-14 days), but I’ve found that since I don’t pose babies in any position that they wouldn’t naturally be in, there is a longer window of opportunity for your newborn session. Baby doesn’t need to still be in that super sleepy newborn stage and flexible for posing when we are just letting them be.

If you’re considering newborn photos, but your little one is two months, BOOK.THE.PHOTOS. To me, a newborn session isn’t as much about photographing your baby as ‘new’ as possible. It is about celebrating this milestone of welcoming a new life into this world and showing how special your family’s connection is.

When Should I Book?

The sooner you reach out to your ideal photographer the better! I recommend reaching out in your third trimester at the latest to ensure you’re able to book your session.

Thinking about maternity photos too? Ask about my First Year Plan! This special membership allows me to document the first year of your little one’s life, from bump to their first birthday! Membership clients get priority booking for their sessions and discounted digitals and products.

If you’re considering an at-home session to welcome your newborn, I cannot emphasize how special it is to have a session at home, reflective of the day-to-day life with your new little one. If you’re in Central Alabama, I would love to photograph your family. Learn more about my maternity and newborn sessions here.

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