Listen. There are a LOT of tools to run your business.

I'm still a baby business owner (aka I haven't been in business for decades), but I have found some tools that have made the juggling of my many hats (wife, mother, pharmacist, content creator, and photographer) SO. MUCH. EASIER.

And you know what? I found out about most of them from other small business owners that happily shared their secrets! I'm all about community and supporting fellow creators, so I've created this page to link all my favorite tools used in my photography business. 

Some links on this page are affiliate or commissionable links. This means I may earn a free month of service or a small percentage if your purchase a product I recommend. 

I want you to know I value authenticity and I only recommend products that I actually use and love! 

Resources For Photographers

You need a CRM. I resisted. But I knew it would make my life easier. I've tried several options for managing inquiries, contracts, and client questionnaires, and 17Hats is seriously great! 

17hats - Half off annual subscription

Creating an online presence I love and refective of my brand is super important to me. With Grace and Gold has conversion and SEO-focused Showit templates made with creative entrepreneurs in mind. My site is a customized version of the Rhode Template. 

With Grace and Gold Showit Templates

Flodesk makes building emails easy!  Do I ever send them? Well...rarely. I"m really bad about remembering to nurture my email list. BUT, I've got a subscription for both my influencer brand and my photography business because it really is the best option out there for creatives! 

Flodesk - Half off your first year

 Making sure you business is legitimate and protected is very important as a small business owner. I've been really happy with the Contracts I've purchased from The Contract Shop. 

The Contract Shop

Showit - Get a Free Month

Showit is fantastic for building a website for your business - its super intuitive and the support team is amazing. Use this link to save on your first month! 

Business Tools

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