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By Ellen Wagner Photo, an Auburn, Alabama, motherhood and family photographer. 

Focusing on Motherhood

Alabama Motherhood Photographer

When asked what I do, I say, “I’m a motherhood photographer.” But, what exactly does that mean?

I’m sharing what motherhood photography is, why motherhood photography is important to me, and how I serve my clients here in Alabama.

What is Motherhood Photography?

Motherhood photography is simply a segment of family photography that places importance on documenting the many milestones of motherhood.

Most motherhood photographers have clients at several different stages of motherhood: maternity clients, newborn clients, and first-year and milestone sessions, to name a few. Many, if not most, motherhood photographers photograph entire family units as well, with both mom and dad featured in the imagery.

How is this Different than Family Photography?

As an Alabama Motherhood Photographer, I place the emphasis of my imagery on documenting the important milestones of motherhood and honoring motherhood with honest, organic imagery of a mom with her children.

In the same way that a wedding photographer places special emphasis on the bride on her wedding day, I focus on documenting the life swirling around a mother in her day-to-day life. This may mean you’ve reserved a session exclusively to celebrate your relationship with your children. You might also just want a little extra focus on mama and kids during a family session.

Celebrating my own motherhood is the reason I picked up my camera after a time of not actively photographing anything. Shortly after I began, I knew I wanted to use my gifts to serve other mothers. I want to create an elevated, yet relaxed photography session where you feel seen and cared for. It truly is a magical gift to insist a mama take some intentional time with her littles.

Images of Motherhood

What kind of images comes out of a motherhood session?

The magical kind, that’s what! I encourage you to love on your kids, play with them, and snuggle with them. I’ll photograph little details and moments that, as a seasoned mama of two, I know you will treasure a year from now, and even longer.

Have I piqued your interest?

I’m available and booking motherhood clients in Alabama right now! I’m based in Auburn, Alabama, and available for travel within the Southeast. I would adore the opportunity to serve you and your littles.

Reach out here to get details on my process and reserve your session.

I primarily photograph families in their homes, however, I adore a beautiful studio session. If you’re planning on a studio maternity session, visit my friend Julianna’s blog post on What to Expect for Your In Studio Maternity Session. She serves clients in the Tampa area!

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  1. Too bad I don’t live in your neck of the woods. I bet those Motherhood sessions book up fast!!!

  2. Jasmyn says:

    These are such beautiful photos of Motherhood! I so resonate with how you explained your perspective photographing Motherhood, very well written.

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