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By Ellen Wagner Photo, an Auburn, Alabama, motherhood and family photographer. 

In-Home Maternity Shoot | Dismuke

In-Home Maternity Shoot Inspiration by Auburn, Alabama Photographer, Ellen Wagner

There’s no doubt about it – there is something indescribably special about photographing your family in your home. I can’t think of a session type that wouldn’t be amazing at home.

Newborn – of course.
Family – absolutely.
Couples – duh.
You and your dog-child – I’M ON MY WAY.

Today I am sharing a sweet little in-home maternity shoot that I just HAVE to tell you about.

In home maternity shoot collage with three young girls, a heavily pregnant mother, and her husband.

Take. The. Pictures.

Would you believe me if I told you that this session was ‘planned’ in about 15 minutes?

My family piled out of our truck after church, and as I looked around at this absolutely beautiful early spring day, I thought, “I HAVE to photograph something today.”

I plopped down on the couch and texted Allison – “have you had the baby yet? Cause if not, I’m coming over to take some maternity photos. Don’t clean. I’ve got dresses. You just need to let me in.”

I’ve known her for a few years (our kids are around the same ages), and I’d already been hired to take newborn photos for their family, and we had chatted in passing a few times about doing a maternity session. Truthfully, I try to convince all my newborn clients to add on a maternity session. I personally opted for just for newborn photos over maternity and newborn photos when I was pregnant with my girls, and I have big regrets.

She replied – no baby yet, but they had plans and needed to leave around noon. It is almost 11. Is it crazy to try to squeeze a quick session? Maybe? I DON’T CARE LET’S DO IT.

Twenty minutes later, I’m in her kitchen.

The Point Here

I’m not telling you about this because you should expect your photographer to drop everything and be willing to photograph your family with little to no notice. Photographers, you shouldn’t nag your clients about adding on additional sessions that they aren’t interested in.

This story right here is one of the reasons I adore working with people that I have a relationship with.

Sometimes that relationship is a years-long friendship.

Other times, it is simply someone I’ve chatted with online for months and just feels a connection with.

I have even felt that connection just from reading an inquiry that landed in my inbox.

Much like when you meet your partner and ‘just know’ – sometimes I learn things about people and just know that I was meant to connect with them, and give them the gift of documenting their memories.

Know Your Client

I’ve talked to Allison enough to know how much being a mother and pouring into her children means to her. I also know how hard it is to find time to do something that seems somewhat frivolous considering all the other tasks swirling around a mother of young children. I’m not the best ‘keeper of the home’, and I’m intimidated by the thought of letting someone into my space, essentially with no notice or time to squirrel away the evidence that a family actually lives there.

My ultimate goal is to give the mothers that hire me beautiful, authentic documentation of their family life. Understanding your needs and making myself available to give you more than you expected is important to me. So I try my best to do that whenever I can. A low-pressure, fun in-home maternity shoot is just what she needed as they waited for the baby’s arrival.

And here is how beautifully that turned out:

If you are a client looking for a photographer, I challenge you to look for someone whose body of work you love AND that seems like “your people”. Someone willing to hop on the phone with you, listen to your needs, and gets you.

If you are a photographer, I challenge you to dig deep into why you work with the people that you do, and how you can serve them better. Remember that you are not meant to serve everyone (it is literally impossible!), so be willing to wait for the people you a meant to serve. It is so worth the wait.

If you’re in Auburn, Alabama, and looking for an in-home maternity shoot, I would love to meet your family! You can reach out to me here, and I’ll share all the details about working together.

Session Details

Photographer: Ellen Wagner Photo

Location: Client’s Home

Wardrobe: Client’s Own

Creative Medium: Digital and Film

Film: Fuji400h developed and scanned by Indie Film Lab

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