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By Ellen Wagner Photo, an Auburn, Alabama, motherhood and family photographer. 

A Simple Saturday Morning Maternity Session

A pregnant mother in a flowing feminine dress embraces a chubby toddler on her belly in a patch of shade at Ag Heritage Park at Auburn University.

This field and wildflower patch at Ag Heritage Park at Auburn University might be my favorite place to photograph families these days.

The field behind the ‘Red Barn’ on AU’s campus, known officially as Ag Heritage Park at Auburn University, is a picturesque spot on the expansive 30-acre park. I love hunting for new locations to photograph families in Auburn, so it is quite possible I’ll find a new ‘spot’ in a few weeks. For now, this spot is perfect for late summer sessions!

Location Selection

I aim to make your family experience as easy as possible, so I keep these three things in mind for locations:

  • Is it family-friendly and safe?
  • Is it easily accessible for my clients?
  • Is there space for the kids to play and enjoy the time at our session?

This field checks all the boxes!

The Maternity Session

This mama is about thirty weeks pregnant with her third child and is positively radiant. This sunny Saturday morning session was so delightful and calm – yes, even with two young kids! The kids inspected the stool I brought as a prop, checked out my camera gear, and picked a few wildflowers.

Each family member borrowed items from my client wardrobe, helping to make preparation easy for this almost-mama-of-three.

Are you curious how the client wardrobe works? After you’ve booked your session, we will have a short try-on session to select your dress and chat about wardrobe needs for the rest of the family. Also, we take some time to chat about the session. The day before the session, I drop your selected dress and some options for the kids off at your doorstep. Why options? We all know how kids can be about their outfits. One day their favorite color is blue, and then the next, blue is ‘so boring’ (in the words of my six-year-old). Outfit options add an element of surprise for me and will help your child get excited about the session!

Here are a few of my favorite images from this session.

Are you nearing your due date and trying to decide if you should have maternity photos done? I recommend you schedule a maternity session when you are 28 to 32 weeks pregnant for the best bump photos! Learn more about working with me for a maternity session by visiting this page!

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