My goal is to provide you with a stress free experience, and one of the most stressful parts of photoshoot planning seems to be figuring out what to wear.

What photographs well? Will it look good on me? Will it make me look good in photos? And my favorite - I DON'T HAVE TIME TO HUNT SOMETHING DOWN.

UPDATE FOR 2024: As business continues to grow, I've found that the vast majority of my clients prefer purchasing something for their session, or shopping their existing wardrobe. To create a more streamlined experience, I've significantly reduced the offerings in my client wardrobe and will shift focus to styling your family using your personal style, existing wardrobe options, and shopping budget as guidance. I love seeing the way your own personal style brings your portraits to life in a unique way, and I'm super excited about this change for the new year! 

The Client Closet

solving the "what to wear" problem

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Fits size: l-xl

Go Gently Gauze Frock

Fits Size: m-L

Suunday Emerald Wrap

two sizes, s & L
Fits xs-l

Hatch Carolina Dress

Fits Size: l-xl

Doen Blue Gingham

women's dresses

fits s-m

Doen Tie Shoulder Blue Dress

Fits size: xl-xxl

Selkie Laundry Line Dress

Fits Size: m-L

Pink Wrap Dress

I totally am a fan of shopping your own closets and wearing things you already own. I'lll periodically update this section with color palettes and full family style guides to help spark some ideas of what to pair together for your session. 

In the end, I promise what you wear doesn't matter quite as much as we photographers make it out to be - if you feel comfortable and like yourself, that is the most important part! 

Monthly Style Guide

need some inspiration?

Spring 2024 Women's Favorites

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Here are some of my clients, with their families beautifully styled, but still feeling very much like themselves. The most important thing I'd like you to remember is that these photos are for you, not me, Instagram, Facebook, or anything else.

There is nothing wrong with going super casual (I'm talking joggers and those real good fuzzy socks) if that is what feels most true to you and this season of life.

Yes, I'm down for wardrobe changes if you want. Photographers will put a lot of emphasis on "what to wear" - and it does effect the feel of photos - but sometimes, the feeling you want to remember is comfort. 

Send me a message with anywhere you're stuck or would like guidance, and I'd be happy to stop by (or Facetime) and help put things you already own together. 

Want some help?